Thursday, 27 March 2014

39 weeks pregnant...

Here I am still waiting for bump to arrive only 1 week till due date, I am full of nervousness and excitement.  I had been kind of expecting him to be here by now but I guess he will arrive when he's ready, the girls have all arrived before their due date they were 3 days, 4 days and 7 days early.

I saw the midwife Monday and everything seems ok, I am measuring 36 weeks but she said that she thinks he will be a bit bigger than my last daughter who was 6lbs 14oz (others were 6lb 8 & 6lb 1). I see her again on Monday when I will be 39+4 she didn't want to leave it till the Monday after.

I've no had a show or anything but never did with the girls either, had lots of painful braxton hicks but nothing else. I've been feeling pretty peed off and not sleeping much but Ive bought myself a little treat for after he's born, not done my hair or anything in ages so looking forward to feeling a bit more me again.

Hopefully this will be my last pregnancy update and my next blog post will be when he has arrived fingers crossed :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014


Firstly apologies for my lack of posts and twitter activity I have just been feeling so crap, uncomfortable, tired, etc etc. Have also had a headache for 2 days now, oh Im feeling sorry for myself ha ha, it's my birthday tomorrow as well and the thought of being another year older (36) is not cheering me up in the slightest, once you turn 30 the years just fly by but it would be a nice Birthday present if bump decided to arrive early.  

On the plus side not long to go now and the iron tablets have started to make me feel better than i was before so that is good and I look a lot less pale too.  I had my 36 week check with my gp on Tuesday didn't really see the point of it to be honest as she did the exact same as midwife does except she didn't measure my tummy.  Everything seems fine and she said to keep taking iron tabs as my count was very low.  Bump is also engaged so explains why I can hardly walk now my 3 year old walks faster than me she was actually dragging me the other day ha ha.  I will have my 38 week check a week on Monday as that's the only day the Midwife is there and that should be it unless I go over??? I haven't before they've been 3 days, 4 days and 7 days early so far but you just never know.  

If Im not back with an update again i will let you all know when bump arrives :-)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Kadria Balancing Face Oil Review

Kadria make ethical skin care range for pregnant women, none of their products are tested on animals and they use natural organic ingredients. It always nice to have a bit of pampering when your pregnant, they have some lovely products and sets which  you can view all their products here

 A little while ago I was sent some Balancing Face oil from Kadria to try and review.

kadria balancing face oil
Our balancing face oil will help if you are experiencing hormonal skin changes in pregnancy or at other times.  This complex blend contains rare and powerful oils which contain compounds known to  help calm the most erratic skin.  Whether you have overly dry, break outs or blemishes, dull and lacklustre skin, this will be sure to help.
Directions:  Apply a few drops to cleansed skin before applying your usual moisturiser.  Alternatively use as a night treatment oil.
Blackseed contains over 100 different compounds, many of which are unknown.  Blackseed oils high levels of amino acids aid cellular regeneration.  The anti-inflammatory effects of nigellone  help combat premature ageing and essential fatty acids stimulate the skins natural protective and healing process.

I was excited to try this out as I am not a glower in pregnancy Im a more look like crap all the time for the whole pregnancy ha ha and I am not blessed with wonderful skin. I have been using the oil for a few weeks. I usually put it on in the evenings after I have had a bath, I've not tried it in the day time as I always wear make up and use other creams.  I was a bit dubious with it being oil and didn't want to be left with greasy feeling skin, however you only need a tiny bit and it goes on really well, it has made my skin nice and soft and not greasy at all.  It feels really nice on your skin and Im sure I will continue to use it after bump is born.  So if your looking for a nice present or for yourself its a nice lovely treat for any pregnant woman.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Canvas Design UK Review & Giveaway

I was made and sent a Canvas print of my choice by Canvas Designs uk to review.  You can view their site here

I was so excited to be reviewing Canvas Design UK as I love Canvas pictures but didn't actually own one before with personal photos on, I have always wanted to get one done but just not got around to it and actually thought that they were very expensive.  However I discovered at Canvas Designs UK their prices start from just £5.99 with free 48 hour delivery  and if you use the code BLOG15 at the check out you can get a 15% discount too.

I originally chose a picture of my 3 girls playing football in the park but they had said as they were moving in the picture that it would come out blurry, I just couldn't decide on another picture as I have so many photos the lovely Loren at Canvas Designs suggested I send here a variety of photos and she would make a montage, she then sent me 5 different montage designs of my photos to choose from they were all lovely.  My canvas arrived a few days later and I was also given a 1 hour delivery slot which is always great. It arrived very well packaged and looking amazing.  I am so pleased with it and cant wait to hang it properly ( everything you need to hang it is also included)  once we have finished decorating the front room.  I will be showing it off to everyone and will definitely be buying one later on in the year after bump has arrived so I can have one of all the kids together.  

Finished Canvas

Now I have some great news for you all, you can enter my competition via the raffelcopter below and win a Canvas for yourself and remember if you don't win you can still use BLOG15 discount code on their website to get 15% off your order.  Good luck everyone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 3 March 2014

Benefits Of Using a Birthing Ball In Pregnancy

At 35+ weeks pregnant with my 4th baby I decided to try a Birthing Ball as I have been in a lot of discomfort down below with pain and crazy amounts of pressure I hadn't experienced with my previous pregnancy's and had read that it can help if you sit on the ball.

There seems to be a lot of benefits to using one that I never knew about I actually thought they were only used while in actual labour from what I had seen of them on tele but apparently not as I found out some really useful information  about using it in the later stages of pregnancy.

A birth ball is great for the last weeks of pregnancy just for sitting on to relax, watch tele or at the computer and will be easier to get up than from the sofa for example.  It can also give you a little workout for your tummy and back muscles if you sit and gently bounce or rock on it, it will also improve your posture and balance.  you can also try doing your pelvic floor exercises whilst sitting on it.  If your baby is back to back using the ball can help to move them and get them in the right position for birth, sitting on the ball leaning slightly forwards so your knees are lower than your hips can help your baby to swing round.  Using this position on the ball can also help to relieve backache.

There isnt apparently much difference between a birthing ball and a gym ball either the one thing to check though is the size as they are made for certain height ranges for example the 55cm one is most suited for people up to 5ft 4.  It should tell you this information in the product details if you are buying online or if in store then ask one of the staff members.

I bought mine from Argos it is a 55cm Argos Value Range Gym Ball £4.89 it comes with a pump included and is great for such a low price some of the reviews said the pump was rubbish but we had no problem with it.  I have only had it for a couple of days but I am finding it very useful and comfortable, it such a relief to sit on it when the pressure is too much.  The kids love it as well they keep running off with it and bouncing it around the house.  Will also be great for exercising  after I have given birth, a good investment I think.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Kentish Hop & Lavender Sleep Sent Review

A unique, soothing, relaxing blend of essential oils (including hops and lavender). Put a couple of drops of this calming scent on a handkerchief by your pillow to inhale as you drift off to sleep.

I have been having trouble sleeping for a little while and even totally knackered was taking me ages to drift off.  I had read on line that Lavender is helpful for this and had been looking for a Lavender  pillow/cushion.  Whilst searching I came across the Hop Shop at Castle Farm website
They sell lots of lovely things such as oils, toiletries, gifts, food, dried flowers and sleep aids, I contacted them to find out about their pillows and they kindly offered to send me a bottle of their Sleepy Scent to try.  
I used it the same day I received it putting a few drops on the cushion I have next to my pillow at night, now I am not in general a fan of the smell of Lavender but I have to say I was surprised at how relaxed it made me feel and I did fall off to sleep quicker than usual.  I have used it every night since and would definitely recommend it, you can purchase it here and it costs £7.25 for a 10ml bottle which will last for a long time as you only need a couple of drops and you will be peacefully Zzzzzzzzzzzzz