Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hot Stuff


Hi Firstly I am really sorry I am late with this weeks hot stuff had started to plan it but not been feeling too great, but I am here now and firstly this week as its almost Valentines I bring you a lovely freebie all you need is a printer and you have yourself some love coupons.  


A great idea if your short of cash this valentines, I found these via the money saving expert website

I also recently discovered you can buy pre packed bags to take into hospital with you 'Labour Bags' what a great idea i never knew such a thing existed but it turns out there is quite a few websites out there that sell them.  if you type in to google 'pre packed Labour bag' they will come up, they range quite a lot in price.  The first one I discovered was £85 almost £100 including postage, the bag was a nice holdall and it contains 35 items of which included 9 nappies, a travel size packet of baby wipes and various other items.  I was told by the lady who sold them that it worked out 'cheaper' than buying the items yourself ( I did research this) to which I didn't agree and she seemed to not want to speak to me after that.  I said to her that it was a great idea and very convenient but not cheaper than doing it yourself.  anyway as I say you can get some really nice ones and I found prices from £40 upwards.  Great for the convenience and time saving.

On to another website I have literally just discovered and am loving it, it feautures freebies, competitions and money off vouchers, go check it out

Im still hating this weather I mean really havent we had enough already, more flooding, more people being evacuated and waters still rising. As I sit here the wind and rain is battering at my window still.

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