Saturday, 11 January 2014

Things to buy before bump arrives

I'm normally quite an organized person but I seem to be slacking with getting everything ready before bump arrives.

Although already having three children we are having to basically start from scratch as the only things I had kept were clothes but they are all pink.  

Have so far bought 
  •  vests
  •  blankets
  •  bottles
  •  hats
  •  scratch mitts
  •  sleeping bag
  •  changing mat 
  •  sleepsuits
 and a few other bits of clothing, muslin cloths and dribble bibs.  I think that's it but might of forgotten something.

On my list of still to get is 
  •  a coat ( either all in one or seperate)
  •  bibs
  •  Moses basket and stand
  •  sheets for moses basket
  •  bouncy chair or swing
  •  sterilizer (cold water )
I am still undecided on where I am going to buy the rest of his things from  especially the moses basket of which my budget is around £30 so if anyone has seen any nice ones suggestions would be great.

Also the sterilizer I used a cold water one with my eldest but a microwave one with the last two unfortunately the microwave we have now seems to be tiny and cant fit the sterilizer in so looking for a cold water one.  There doesn't really seem to be many around  so ideas on this too would be great.

Ive probably missed something out such a scatter brain at the moment.


  1. Ah congratulations on your pregnancy, even though you have had three children the one thing I can add is wipes. You end up needing so many I think it's good to save money and buy them in bulk as you go along- I use them for everything! x

    1. Thanks, yes will be stocking up on those although youngest is 3 now still go threw a lot of them plus use them to take my make up off. x