Monday, 27 January 2014

The Snoozle Review

If your a reader of my blog you will know I haven't been sleeping well and have been in a lot of pain.  Well i was lucky enough to be offered a Snoozle  in exchange for a review, So whats a Snoozle I hear you say....

The Snoozle is a slide sheet, specifically designed to help pregnant women who suffer from back and/or hip pain turn over in bed and get a good nights sleep.  you can use your snoozle to help you get in and out of your car.  keep one in your hospital bag or your home birth kit - the Snoozle can really help you keep mobile and comfortable during labor.

So what Do I think of The Snoozle firstly I had never heard of it before but if I had would of probably of bought one, it is reasonably priced i think at £24 and you can choose from 3 different colored trims.  I was also pleasantly surprised when it arrived as it came in a lovely box which i hadn't been expecting also there was an information/instruction leaflet inside which tells you about the product and directions including these pictures.

The Snoozle maternity slide sheet fits on your side of the bed Snoozle is a maternity slide sheet that helps you switch sides with less pain It's perfect for pregnant women who suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain.

The Snoozle its self is a very simple but effective design and I did think to myself how can something so simple help me, I wake up in the night and literally cant move its so painful, i need to go for a wee or want to turn over and it takes me a good 5 minutes before I even attempt it.  I have to say I was impressed when I used it, it literally does what it says I can actually turn over, you move and The Snoozle moves with you and slides you over amazing.  It also helped me with getting up and off the bed as normally I would be painfully dragging myself to the edge of the bed to try and get up but now I can just slide.  I did find it does need adjusting and straighteneing out after youve moved around on it a bit but seeing as i get up a good few times in the night for a wee I just adjusted it before I got back into bed.

All in all I think its a good product and I would recommend it to pregnant women and also to anyone with a back or hip problem.  I will be using it every night for sure.  The simple but effective Snoozle can be purchased here  .


  1. How interesting! I've never seen or heard of this before....Genius!