Thursday, 9 January 2014

My pregnancy week 28

28 weeks
so I am officially 28 weeks today but feeling more like 38. My baby bump quite big I think with my other three i was more all the way round instead of straight out like it is this time which made me have my suspicions that bump was a boy this time. Everything about this pregnancy has been different to when I was pregnant with my three daughters. I will fill you all in on my pregnancy so far in another posts.

what has 28 weeks brought for me? swollen ankles, feeling like I could wet myself at any given moment, waddling instead of walking, not sleeping very well as cant get comfy at all, I do have a maternity pillow which helps a bit but not miraculously.  Ive also had really bad aching  legs the last week or so my left leg a lot more than my right and more so at night so that isn't helping.  I'm seeing the midwife Monday for my 28 week check so will speak to her about it.  The time has gone so quick since my last midwife appointment which I think was 16 weeks (would have to check my notes to be sure.) It felt at the time like my next appointment was so far away.  I'm wondering if she will weigh me as i haven't been weighed since my booking in and my scales aren't working, I am sure I have  put on at least a stone.

Although this is not my first pregnancy I still like reading about mine and bumps progress week by week although not found a great deal of information about week 28. Emmas diary seems to have the most. which you can read here

Would be great to hear how some of you were feeling at 28 weeks and any tips for a better nights sleep would be fab.

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  1. Just an update as I saw the midwife this morning and she said everything is fine. she suggested I buy a support belt to help with pain.