Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Some of you may know if you have read my blog posts about my pregnancy that I have been suffering a lot of pain and when I discussed this with the midwife at my last appointment although she didn't seem really interested and had the kind of just one of those things you have to put up with attitude she did suggest that I could buy a bump support.

I had a look on line at some and finally decided to buy a blooming marvelous maternity support belt from Mothercare.  I was a bit skeptical as it was the cheapest one that I had found at just £12,  however it did have good reviews and i couldn't afford to buy a more expensive one.  It comes in two colours either black or white and three different sizes which are small, medium and large.

I finally went to mothercare yesterday to purchase one and i have to say I am so glad i did and was definitely £12 well spent.  I put it on as soon as i got home and haven't wanted to take it off i think i will have to try and get another one so i can wear one wash one.  The best way to describe it is that its like a huge weight has been lifted, I cant believe how much lighter my bump feels it is so comfortable and I have to confess I did sleep in it last night.  Obviously i have still had a bit of discomfort but a lot less than usual and find walking a whole lot easier. 

I was a size 10-12 before becoming pregnant but I decided to buy the size medium which it says is suitable for a size 12-14 which is a great fit and will also stretch to fit my bump as it grows, you can also wear them a lot earlier on in pregnancy than i have at almost 30 weeks and it will grow with your bump so to speak.  I would highly recommend this as a pregnancy must have especially if you are suffering from spd or your bump is really weighing you down.

You can view it via this link  http://www.mothercare.com/Blooming-Marvellous-Maternity-Support-Belt/LU3356,default,pd.html which will take you to the Mothercare website and i will try to upload my own photos later as I cant seem to get it to work now.


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