Friday, 24 January 2014


So I was officially 30 weeks pregnant yesterday which I find quite amazing as the weeks are flying by.  Only 10 weeks or less (hopefully not more)  and he will be here adding to the noise and chaos his 3 sisters make.

So whats going on this week? According to bounty ( at 30 weeks your little one can hear a lot from the outside now and you might notice extra kicks in response to loud noises. Your baby measures around 39cm now, top to toe.

On an ultrasound you might be able to see your baby open its eyes. More light will penetrate inside your tummy as your pregnancy progresses and they will begin to adapt to this. Your baby still won’t be able to feel temperature or pain though, as its nerve cells are still maturing.

As a 30 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may start to notice ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions, where your bump goes hard for a minute or two. If you suffer from leg cramps, try wearing support stockings and putting your feet up when you can.
Do you constantly want to clean or decorate? It’s natural for you to want to ‘nest’ and make a perfect home for your baby, but don’t tire yourself out. Make sure you listen to your body and rest when you need to.
You might find that you can’t sleep because you’re uncomfortable, having funny dreams or you keep needing the loo. Try to have a warm bath and milky drink before bed time and adjust your pillows to make yourself more comfortable.

How am I feeling? well very tired and probably more so as  I wake up every two hours needing a wee and am in agony trying to turn over or get up from the bed.  I do have a warm bath every evening which does help me relax but right now nothing is helping me to sleep, well have a half decent nights sleep anyway.

Feeling huge it shocks me every time i see my bump in the mirror, I'm just not used to being so big in pregnancy, I've still not weighed myself ( can I borrow someones scales please, must remember to get new batteries for mine) so not a clue how much I weigh.  At my booking in I was around 9st ( I normally stay between 8 1/2 - 9 but have been heavier) so I must be at least 10 if not more, I have given up smoking totally so that probably added to my weight, anyway if i do get around to somehow weighing myself will let you all know.

I have been getting braxton hicks which i don't remember really feeling with my other pregnancies, he also keeps going so low down when I walk it literally feels like he is going to drop out (as if giving birth could ever be that easy).  

All in all feeling quite rubbish and looking forward to him being here,  although at the same time I am trying to enjoy it as it will be the last time I'm pregnant.

The moses basket I ordered arrived from precious little one although did have to be sent back as was badly marked with what looked like make up and dog hair (nice) there customer service was great though and they sent another one out straight away so cant fault them for that it was a good service. 

Ended up choosing the Isabella Alicia dark wick basket with Tatty Ted for £40 rrp £100, I really think it's lovely however I wouldn't of or been able to afford to spend £100 on a Moses basket.  for something that is only used for a few months i don't feel its worth it.  I will do a review of the basket when bump has arrived.

Isabella Alicia Dark Wicker Moses Basket (White/Silver Tatty Ted)

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