Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mr Nutcase: phone case Review

I was given the chance to review a personalized phone case from Mr Nutcase which is a website where you can buy customized phone and tablet cases. 

The website itself is so simple to use,  you can either create your own or choose from collections.  If you create your own there are lots of different layouts and amounts of photos to choose from, you then simply upload your photos to the template.

I decided to choose from the collections simply because its so close to bump arriving I would like all of the children on a case if I made a photo one. I started  by selecting my phone make and model which then gave me a choice of either ultra lightweight slimline or executive flip leather style case, I chose the flip style and then had a choice of over 40 backgrounds, after choosing one you can then add text which can be moved around, change color size etc clip art can also be added here. You can then preview your case and add to cart if your happy. The whole process including checkout took me 5 minutes which was great.

I ordered on saturday evening and the case arrived today.
Finished product

The case is very good quality for a leather style case as i have bought a few in the past and they tend to be plastic looking and cheap but this one is very well made.  I love the design and colors, my phone fits in it perfectly and I can still charge it easily while its in the case.

Over all pleased with the case and the website especially how quick and easy it was to use, take a look for yourself what would you put on yours?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My favourite beauty products

Up until now my blog posts have been dominated by pregnancy and baby so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite beauty products.

I have two favorite fake tan brands which are St Tropez and Laurens way they both give a good natural looking tan that's not of the orange kind.   I prefer St Tropez lotion to mouse for the simple reason it just goes on my skin better.  I have only used one of Laurens Way products which is the medium mouse they have now bought out the darker than dark which I would love to try.

 Self Tan Classic Lotion 120ml  Medium Mousse

My favourite moisturiser is vitamin e cream after years of not using any moisturiser on my face tut tut i know I tried many none of which seemed to suit my skin and would leave it greasy.  I buy superdrug own brand  and at £2.99 for 475ml its a bargain and lasts ages.

Vitamin E All Over Body Cream 475ml

My current favorite foundation is Benefit Hello Flawless, I say current because it depends how my skin is, how tanned I am etc to what kind of foundation i use I'm finding that this is working best for me at the moment giving me a good coverage and hiding all my blemishes.
"hello flawless!"
So there you have it a few of my favorite beauty products, would be great to hear what yours are?

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Snoozle Review

If your a reader of my blog you will know I haven't been sleeping well and have been in a lot of pain.  Well i was lucky enough to be offered a Snoozle  in exchange for a review, So whats a Snoozle I hear you say....

The Snoozle is a slide sheet, specifically designed to help pregnant women who suffer from back and/or hip pain turn over in bed and get a good nights sleep.  you can use your snoozle to help you get in and out of your car.  keep one in your hospital bag or your home birth kit - the Snoozle can really help you keep mobile and comfortable during labor.

So what Do I think of The Snoozle firstly I had never heard of it before but if I had would of probably of bought one, it is reasonably priced i think at £24 and you can choose from 3 different colored trims.  I was also pleasantly surprised when it arrived as it came in a lovely box which i hadn't been expecting also there was an information/instruction leaflet inside which tells you about the product and directions including these pictures.

The Snoozle maternity slide sheet fits on your side of the bed Snoozle is a maternity slide sheet that helps you switch sides with less pain It's perfect for pregnant women who suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain.

The Snoozle its self is a very simple but effective design and I did think to myself how can something so simple help me, I wake up in the night and literally cant move its so painful, i need to go for a wee or want to turn over and it takes me a good 5 minutes before I even attempt it.  I have to say I was impressed when I used it, it literally does what it says I can actually turn over, you move and The Snoozle moves with you and slides you over amazing.  It also helped me with getting up and off the bed as normally I would be painfully dragging myself to the edge of the bed to try and get up but now I can just slide.  I did find it does need adjusting and straighteneing out after youve moved around on it a bit but seeing as i get up a good few times in the night for a wee I just adjusted it before I got back into bed.

All in all I think its a good product and I would recommend it to pregnant women and also to anyone with a back or hip problem.  I will be using it every night for sure.  The simple but effective Snoozle can be purchased here  .

Friday, 24 January 2014

Hot stuff

Things from around the web that I am loving, liking, hating right now, articles, products, news, reviews and anything in between.

Firstly I am loving the fact that pink lining have a sale on their website but hating the fact I cant afford to buy one.

Things from around the web that I am loving, liking, hating right now, articles, products, news, reviews and anything in between.

Firstly I am loving the fact that pink lining have a sale on their website but hating the fact I cant afford to buy one.
love this one in particular which is currently £50.

Hating the fact that Mothercare could close read about it here via twitter.  I mean Mothercare its always been there and always so reliable I would really miss it.  Please don't go.

loving this  from Butlins which i discovered via facebook.  It sounds great i wish I could take my kids they would love it and they've never been on holiday before.  Hating the fact that if you win it's only for 2 adults and 2 kids so wouldn't be any good for us otherwise I would of applied (sad face). 

Lastly for Hot Stuff is this Cosatto Ooba travel system which I am love love loving I have never used a Cosatto pushchair before and don't know much about them but it looks stunning.
 Ooba Travel System Thumbnail 

check it out.



So I was officially 30 weeks pregnant yesterday which I find quite amazing as the weeks are flying by.  Only 10 weeks or less (hopefully not more)  and he will be here adding to the noise and chaos his 3 sisters make.

So whats going on this week? According to bounty ( at 30 weeks your little one can hear a lot from the outside now and you might notice extra kicks in response to loud noises. Your baby measures around 39cm now, top to toe.

On an ultrasound you might be able to see your baby open its eyes. More light will penetrate inside your tummy as your pregnancy progresses and they will begin to adapt to this. Your baby still won’t be able to feel temperature or pain though, as its nerve cells are still maturing.

As a 30 week pregnant mum-to-be, you may start to notice ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions, where your bump goes hard for a minute or two. If you suffer from leg cramps, try wearing support stockings and putting your feet up when you can.
Do you constantly want to clean or decorate? It’s natural for you to want to ‘nest’ and make a perfect home for your baby, but don’t tire yourself out. Make sure you listen to your body and rest when you need to.
You might find that you can’t sleep because you’re uncomfortable, having funny dreams or you keep needing the loo. Try to have a warm bath and milky drink before bed time and adjust your pillows to make yourself more comfortable.

How am I feeling? well very tired and probably more so as  I wake up every two hours needing a wee and am in agony trying to turn over or get up from the bed.  I do have a warm bath every evening which does help me relax but right now nothing is helping me to sleep, well have a half decent nights sleep anyway.

Feeling huge it shocks me every time i see my bump in the mirror, I'm just not used to being so big in pregnancy, I've still not weighed myself ( can I borrow someones scales please, must remember to get new batteries for mine) so not a clue how much I weigh.  At my booking in I was around 9st ( I normally stay between 8 1/2 - 9 but have been heavier) so I must be at least 10 if not more, I have given up smoking totally so that probably added to my weight, anyway if i do get around to somehow weighing myself will let you all know.

I have been getting braxton hicks which i don't remember really feeling with my other pregnancies, he also keeps going so low down when I walk it literally feels like he is going to drop out (as if giving birth could ever be that easy).  

All in all feeling quite rubbish and looking forward to him being here,  although at the same time I am trying to enjoy it as it will be the last time I'm pregnant.

The moses basket I ordered arrived from precious little one although did have to be sent back as was badly marked with what looked like make up and dog hair (nice) there customer service was great though and they sent another one out straight away so cant fault them for that it was a good service. 

Ended up choosing the Isabella Alicia dark wick basket with Tatty Ted for £40 rrp £100, I really think it's lovely however I wouldn't of or been able to afford to spend £100 on a Moses basket.  for something that is only used for a few months i don't feel its worth it.  I will do a review of the basket when bump has arrived.

Isabella Alicia Dark Wicker Moses Basket (White/Silver Tatty Ted)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Some of you may know if you have read my blog posts about my pregnancy that I have been suffering a lot of pain and when I discussed this with the midwife at my last appointment although she didn't seem really interested and had the kind of just one of those things you have to put up with attitude she did suggest that I could buy a bump support.

I had a look on line at some and finally decided to buy a blooming marvelous maternity support belt from Mothercare.  I was a bit skeptical as it was the cheapest one that I had found at just £12,  however it did have good reviews and i couldn't afford to buy a more expensive one.  It comes in two colours either black or white and three different sizes which are small, medium and large.

I finally went to mothercare yesterday to purchase one and i have to say I am so glad i did and was definitely £12 well spent.  I put it on as soon as i got home and haven't wanted to take it off i think i will have to try and get another one so i can wear one wash one.  The best way to describe it is that its like a huge weight has been lifted, I cant believe how much lighter my bump feels it is so comfortable and I have to confess I did sleep in it last night.  Obviously i have still had a bit of discomfort but a lot less than usual and find walking a whole lot easier. 

I was a size 10-12 before becoming pregnant but I decided to buy the size medium which it says is suitable for a size 12-14 which is a great fit and will also stretch to fit my bump as it grows, you can also wear them a lot earlier on in pregnancy than i have at almost 30 weeks and it will grow with your bump so to speak.  I would highly recommend this as a pregnancy must have especially if you are suffering from spd or your bump is really weighing you down.

You can view it via this link,default,pd.html which will take you to the Mothercare website and i will try to upload my own photos later as I cant seem to get it to work now.